Posted by: Redbeard | November 8, 2012

Be The Bear

     Today is Thursday November 8th, two days after the reelection of President Obama. It would be dramatic for me to say here that I have now calmed down and can write a coherent post, but that would not be true. I was highly disappointed in the results and continue my deep concern for the direction of this country under the current leadership. It’s not just him and the questionable experts that he surrounds himself with. It isn’t the fact that he’s gathers experts together and then never meets with them It isn’t the fact that he doesn’t consult with those that are making a success, but it is that he is not learned anything. But that is not what this post is about. It is about not giving up on what half the country believes is the right way to go. The correct path to take to get us out of the crushing debt that we have, and the correct path to bring consistent prosperity back to the United States that will provide the means to get rid of that debt. It just struck me that the more prosperous and successful the United States is from a manufacturing point of view, that the unions that so heavily supported Pres. Obama would actually have a substantial increase in membership and thus the dues that is the engine of those organizations. I wonder why they cannot see that. Yet again I digress.
Some have called the results of the presidential election a testament to a growing welfare mentality. Some feel that a large percentage of those receiving unusual government assistance, such as cell phones, are taking advantage of the generosity of this Country. I have to admit that something seems very unusual with the oddball giveaways. Those of us, however, that feel taking more of a hard-working and successful person’s money and giving it in cash or material to someone who doesn’t want to work or won’t take a job is wrong,  just got ourselves kicked in the teeth… again.
I firmly believe that the older I get the wiser I get. Now that’s not a pat on the back or self-aggrandizement, but rather an observation of the way I think today versus the way I thought 40 years ago. I think I have become more like a bear who adapts who their nutritional and seasonal needs food wise, but never wavers in the ability to do defend their family and territory with dominating power. We as a country must also be adaptable to conditions and situations around us. We must have the foresight for example to know that building the infrastructure to take advantage of our own natural resources will not only give us the ability to react in case of a serious global situation, but by its very existence would keep prices down. This same logic could be used in regards to floods. Being able to move massive amounts of water from one part of the country to another could help to save lives or at a minimum save the crops that help feed our country. Of course building in a floodplain over and over and over again doesn’t make any more sense than continuing to build your house of wooden sticks in a tornado zone.
Unfortunately this Presidential election was the second one that was based on emotion. In spite of not having a positive record to run on  this man had the ability to appeal to the emotions of his base, rather than to provide any substance to his platform. I am as disappointed in those that voted for him as I am in him . For those that feel happy in the outcome, please don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. The great and powerful Oz will take care of you. The rest of us realize that it isn’t a certificate, a medal or the ruby slippers that have made us what we are. At the end of the day, it is ourselves. Government must never be the answer or solution. It must only be a servant of the people and by the people.
As long as we never forget that we must protect and defend our Constitution, our course if you will, from those who would destroy it, then” We The People”  will provide the direction which our country will take to keep or get us back on that course.



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