Posted by: Redbeard | July 11, 2011



This is a place to read some thoughts not only on what has  happened during the past few days in this crazy world, but read some thoughtful observations of… us.  I will not get on my soapbox very often but rather will look at a variety of subjects and what they mean for our daily lives. Yes, there will be political subjects and yes, there will be religious subjects but there will also be  topics on music, computers, and photography. Your thoughtful comments are always welcome, but flames and attacks do not educate, inform, or change anyone’s opinions.

I named this blog  “At the End of the Day…”  and no doubt that phrase will find it’s way into the postings. I remember hearing it in comments such as ” Look, at the end of the day we can only use the tools we have at hand”, or something similar. It reminds us that we  make decisions and come to conclusions based upon that which we have in front of us at the time, or have previously learned. As you find yourself at the end of your day, check in and see what’s being talked about.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

David,  Aug 1, 2012


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